We recommend a consultation appointment for our plastic surgeons. During the consultation, you will go through Your wishes and think about which alternative would best meet those wishes. Of course, the consultation does not bind you to anything, but serves as an information package on the basis of which you can make further plans if you wish. In the consultation, you will receive a price evaluation.

Booking and cancellation policy, non-arrival, dissatisfaction with the outcome of a treatment

The appointment for a consultation and a procedure of less than €800 can be postponed or canceled at least 3 days before the consultation or procedure in question. If the client does not arrive at the plastic surgeon’s appointment or for a consultation, we will charge a service fee of €100 for the time booked.

We do not compensate for possible dissatisfaction with the treatment financially. If there are good/justified reasons for this, we will take corrective action at our hospital. 

The consultation time reserved for our plastic surgeons is normally 40-60 minutes. The length of the reception time reserved for you depends on the topic / topics you want to talk about during your consultation. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you to book the right consultation time.

To book a time for the consultation, please email us at info@estetiikkamansurow.fi or call 044 9865510.

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