Due to risk of bleeding, it is advisable to stop taking fish oil products about a month before the scheduled surgery / operation.

Don’t eat or drink for 6 hours before the agreed check-in time. Due to a risk of vomiting it is important to have an empty stomach before the procedure.

If you have medication that you need to take in the morning, consult the doctor about them during your first visit or by calling later. Bring with you all the medication you regularly take.

Leave all jewellery and contact lenses at home. Wear comfortable and easy clothes.

Arrive at the hospital by the agreed time.

Make arrangements with your possible escort about the pick-up after the procedure.

Read carefully the instructions for aftercare at home.


Please note that we charge the fee for the operations in full in advance. The payment is due no less than five (5) days prior to the scheduled treatment. Cancellation of an operation must be done by phone no less than a week (7 workdays) prior to the intended operation or we charge 50 % of the operations fee.


Our charge nurse Eija Nerman-Toivonen is happy to give you more information. You can send her questions by calling her at + 358 40 8229285, or by emailing her at


If you have any questions or if you experience unusual reactions on your skin, please contact our cosmetologist immediately by email at, or by phone +358 44 9865510.