All prices are inclusive of VAT (24 %). When the procedure is performed for medical reasons, VAT is not added (VAT 0 %).

Office fee of 15,32 € (for medical procedures) or 19 € (for cosmetic procedures) is added to the prices. All prices listed are examples only.

Final cost estimate is given during a consultation. We charge a penalty fee of 50 € for a no-show appointment without cancellation.

Office and reception fees
An office fee is always added to the billing of the surgery or procedure. Amount of the office fee depends on whether the measure is aesthetic or whether it is made because of medical reasons.
VAT 0%
medical procedures VAT 24%
cosmetic procedures
Reception with
plastic surgeon 100€

15 min reception with
plastic surgeon
(Tattoos, moles, injections etc.) 0€
Reservation only with phone call 044 986 5510 or email –
Office fee 15,32€ 19€
No-show appointment without cancellation – 50€
No-show appointment for surgery 50% of the whole price of the procedure 50% of the whole price of the procedure
Night at the hospital 604,85€ 750€
Overnight stay at the hospital:

750€ / night (VAT 24%) or
604,85€/ night (VAT 0%)