The shape and thickness of the lips can be remodelled with surgery or by injecting them with fillers or patient’s own tissue.

Fat transfer

Subcutaneous fat removed from the patient’s body or legs can be injected to the lips to achieve a desired shape and volume. The fat cells are injected to the lips using a cannula connected to a syringe.

Dermis fat transfer

A graft or a piece of dermis taken from the deeper layers of the skin creates a more noticeable change to the volume of the lips. The graft is taken e.g. from the groin area or from the appendix removal scar, shaped, placed in to the lip through a small hole, and attached. The graft can also contain subcutaneous fat.


There are several fillers for remodelling the lips. Some products gradually dissolve and disappear from the tissues, and the treatment needs to be repeated. Permanent fillers offer permanent results, but they may cause later complications.

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Upper lip lift (upper lip shortening)

With age, the face often changes so that the upper lip looks longer, lower lip descends and the bottom teeth become visible when smiling. A simple fat transfer can fix the situation, but sometimes the upper lip needs shortening: excess skin is removed from between the lip and under the nose, and the tissues are lifted and supported higher.