Midface lift is a procedure that restores the natural, youthful curves of the face and the fullness of the cheeks by lifting the soft tissues back to their original place. This is achieved by elevating the soft midface tissue from the bone, repositioning it upward towards the eyes, and affixing it in place while it adheres naturally to the bone.

The procedure restores your rounder cheeks and enhances the youthful contours of the face, resulting in a naturally but visibly noticeable, revitalized look. It is often performed together with other operations, e.g. neck lift, eyelid surgery, or brow lift, but many younger patients (under 45 years old) greatly benefit from the midface lift alone.

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Endotine procedure

Endotine midface lift is a new endoscopic method adopted by plastic surgeons to restore the fullness of the cheeks and rejuvenate the face by using bioabsorbable implants. The small Endotine implants have five tiny tissue holders or tines that grasp the cheek tissue gently but securely and elevate it (and all overlying cheek tissue layers) to a new position. The Endotine implants can reduce the skin irregularities and dimpling that commonly occur when sutures are used to hold tissue in place. The tines also distribute the tension forces evenly, minimizing the chance of surgical failure and possible injury caused by sutures.

It usually takes 30 to 60 days for the lifted tissue to attach to the bone. The Endotine implants gradually dissolve in 6 to 12 months, ensuring the fixation of the tissue in their new place to the bone. This is an improvement compared to sutures that can cut through the tissue. Endotine implants are made from lactic acid substance, which is produced from plant materials that dissolve naturally in the body. The tips of the tines are rounded to minimize discomfort and to provide a gentle grasping surface for the cheek tissue. The tines can’t be felt through the skin.

If your cheeks are sagging or have flattened over the years, if your lower eyelids are puffy and the creases between the eyes and cheeks have enhanced, and / or if the lines from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth have deepened, you are probably a good candidate for Endotine midface lift. The best way to determine if the procedure is right for you is to consult your plastic surgeon.