The suspension sutures of the Silhouette Lift offers a new option to a surgical facelift, using resorbable suspension sutures with bidirectional cones. The method helps to restore the early effects of aging: the sagging skin, the lines and wrinkles.e Lift can be used to treat the midface area, the cheeks, and also the neck. It can be combined with other operations such as peeling, injecting fillers, or fat transfer. The procedure itself only takes 45 minutes and is done under local anaesthesia. Recovery takes less time than after traditional facelift operations and the patient can return to normal life in just a couple of days. All traces of the operation disappear within 2 weeks and the face looks rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Silhouette Lift suspension sutures are a new innovation and should not be confused with the older generation barbed sutures. Silhouette Lift sutures don’t have barbs, that damage the tissue or skin, nor do they cause pain or cuts, or prevent facial expressions. The resorbable cones of the sutures anchor themselves to the tissue under the skin and allow for small movements, making the suspension mechanism stronger than with the barbed sutures.  A rejuvenated and natural appearance is achieved quickly with just one visit to the plastic surgeon.