Please note that at Estetiikka Mansurow botulinum injection treatment is always administered by our specialized plastic surgeons.
Botulinum injections are the most commonly used treatment for adults over the age of 30 for smoothing facial wrinkles, including:
• Frown lines (vertical lines between the brows)
• Forehead lines (horizontal lines)
• Crow’s feet (laugh lines near the eyes)
• Neck lines (thick lines of the platysma muscle)
Botulinum injections are a safe and efficient treatment also for other ailments, such as:
• Eyelid spasms or eye muscle spasms, that can cause strabismus
• Facial muscle imbalance
• Spasms of the neck muscles
• Spastic muscles in patients with cerebral palsy
Several studies have also concluded that botulinum injections are an effective treatment plan for:
• Migraine headaches
• Excessive sweating of palms and underarms